Vintage Marapachi Bommai ( Wooden Doll) by StudioNadhi

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Product Dimensions:

Vintage Marapachi Bommai ( Wooden Doll) mounted on an Antique South Indian Wooden Kitchen Accessory by StudioNadhi
L x W x H  - 14 x 6 x 2.5


About our product:

Wall Decor - Marapachi dolls are a proud possession for many people and are handed down over generations. This Marapachi doll is mounted on an antique wooden kitchen accessory (predominantly used in South India). It features intricately carved details. The left hand of the doll is damaged.


This is an antique artistic piece and has been salvaged for decorative purposes. Most such items show signs of wear, but this is what makes them so unique. We do our best to photograph/explain the condition of the item as best we can.