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Earth Heart LLP

Star Rose Terracotta Planter (L)

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Product Description:

“A rose by any other name smells just as sweet”, truer words have never been spoken. The Rose, a symbol of love and friendship, attracts eyes wherever it goes. A floral surprise grounded in our earthy shade of black- a sprinkle of vibrance to a dark surrounding.

L -16cms Dia - 11cms H - 13cms

Colour: Black

Product Specification: 

To err is human, and sometimes, its incomparably beautiful. Every planter is the output of a series of processes all governed by hands. Each planter pot, after a process of wheel-throwing, are shaped and moulded by hand for their asymmetric form and contours. As a result, each piece is bound to carry varying forms of dips and dimples, from piece to piece. They are entirely hand-illustrated, a process that takes many hours to complete, and therefore, there will be slight variations in its illustration from the image provided.

Care Instruction:

To clean stains from the illustrated area and/ remove fungus, you can wipe the surface with a solution of vinegar and water. Avoid using hard chemicals or abrasives on the surface, as it may cause permanent damage to the illustration of the planter. For indoor use only.