The Knotty Macramé and The Union

Macramé pronounced (muh·kraa·mee) originated centuries ago. It made a comeback in 1970s in the form of home decorative accessories, jewellery, and clothing range. The cords are mainly made of cotton and polycotton material. It is typically matched with bohemian style and widely used in household in the form of wall hangings, plant holders, curtains, jewellery, handbags, and much more.
Macramé was the first product of CWS family and still continue to be fancied among the clients. We reached our utmost point when we made a commissioned macramé wedding backdrop for a reception. She stood 8 ft tall beautifully adorned by gorgeous greens & floral embellishments like a crown on her head. It was one of the most challenging projects and we now have a fond memory of it. Sharing images of our joyfulness with you all.
We have tested and excluded sufficient raw materials along the process of our establishment. We can now say you are certainly in the safe hands. We take pride in it and ensure that our customers have similar emotions about our creations.
 Image courtesy: Client
CraftWeaver’s Studio is always open to our customers who are looking for amazing macramé products for their home, interiors projects, or gift it to their loved ones.
You can reach us via our website or email us at
We will be happy to take it forward.

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