The Ugly Tangling

I always believe in one motto for home decor

One of the many challenges faced in home decor is tackling the unpleasant wires. This issue arises mostly in a rental home or erroneous interior planning. We fall into latter one as we added the router and similar devices a bit far off from the table top. A renovation is inevitably a better fix to get the switch plates moved closer to the devices, but it is definitely not an easy option on your pocket.


The corner of our entertainment room had a trunk storage earlier, but all the wires hanging out made the corner looked shambolic. I was looking for options that can be high enough to almost cover the switch plates. I looked for choices including the storage baskets and tray to organise the wires, but it never made me happy.


Luck was on my side as I didn’t have to spend a single dime. A standalone cabinet in the study room was not utilised efficiently, hence decided to use it instead. I just switched the places and got the cabinet out here. You can see in the images that it was a total game changer.



 As a decor aficionado, the open shelves gave me a reason to style them. Since I am a fan of farmhouse chic, I used all-natural tones with a hint of Blue & Grey. I got a custom-made storage basket to hold the devices. You can find some DIYs like macramé jar candle holder, the candles box, and the vase to match the colour hues. Finally! I was able to achieve the perfect corner for the entertainment room.



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