All About Distressed Mirrors

Being a home decor enthusiast, I have been biased towards eclectic and rustic decor. The distressed wall mirror instantly became love at first sight. I got introduced to the wall mirrors through a social media platform. The love had passionately become part of my venture. When I was planning a makeover of my living room, I wanted to create a gallery wall using the distressed mirrors and you will see it soon.
This decor accent became a definite choice when I commenced CraftWeaver’s Studio.  It also remains one of our best sellers. The distressed mirrors are also known as Mughal mirrors and Minaret mirrors, and have become an admired decor addition.
 The gallery wall created using 6 distressed mirrors of different sizes.
 A single mirror used to create an amazing vignette with candle holder and succulent.
Your creativity has no boundary when it comes to using distressed mirrors as per your convenience or expectation from a space. We have wide range in distressed mirrors that you can indulge in. Our mirrors go beyond rustic to bold colour range. We are happy that we do colour customising. If you are looking for customised mirrors then you can email us at

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