All About Distressed Mirrors

by Divya Jujaray

Being a home decor enthusiast, I have been biased towards eclectic and rustic decor. The distressed wall mirror instantly became my first love compared to other wall decor options. When we launched our beautiful home decor venture CraftWeaver’s Studio, the distressed mirror was easily one of the first entrants.



What is a Distressed Mirror?


Let’s first talk about the term “Distressed”. Google gives a pretty legible definition of the word. If you are a fan of rustic style then distressed look is famous and favourite among the decor enthusiast. The distressed or rather aged look can be created on any decor or furniture. The distressed mirror naturally gets the aged or withered look as they are made from reclaimed wood. The mirrors can easily be referred as sustainable decor. If you believe in reduce, reuse, and recycle then they are your best bet. The other names are Mughal mirror or Rustic mirror.


Here’s some lovely ways to incorporate the distressed mirrors in your home


1. Create a gallery wall using different size mirrors. The mirror enhances the look and the room looks larger.

Distressed wall mirror gallery

 Image source @decorraaga



2. You can prepare a corner using a single piece and other decor elements. 

Image source @decorraaga


We at CraftWeaver’s Studio offers you such beautiful collection of distressed mirrors. Our goal is to make all home beautiful and inviting.



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